The Red Army could sometimes rival the brutality of the Wehrmacht

Russian soldiers playing the piano, Germany, 1945. Source:

War is Hell

During the Soviet advance…

The shockwave it created travelled over 3 times around the globe

A painting depicting the 1883 eruption of Krakatoa, 1888. Source: Wikicommons

The power of nature

The movement of the Earth’s tectonic plates is one of the most powerful events…

The two people who showed the US that women could do anything a man can

Adeline and Augusta Van Buren, 1916. Source: Wikicommons

The Cold War led to some strange scenarios

A picture of the full moon. Source: Wikicommons

The story of the strange disappearance of Harold Holt and the conspiracies behind it

Harold Holt on a spearfishing expedition, 1966. Source: Wikicommons

How the leader of the country which contains the heart of Christianity received one of the most prestigious titles within the Muslim faith

Mussolini on horseback holding the “Sword of Islam”. Source: Wikicommons

Italian Libya

The longest conflict in recorded history without a single casualty

Painting of a ship from the Dutch Merchant Navy circa the 17th century

Conflict in England

The nature of this incident, like many others in history, may be traced back to the British, namely the English Civil War (1642–1651). …

One of history’s best diversion tactics

The rough Cullinan diamond before it was split. Source: Wikicommons

One of the only times in history cavalry was able to outmatch a country’s navy

The French cavalry take the battle fleet caught in the ice in the waters of Texel, 23 January 1795. Source: Charles Louis Mozin on Wikicommons

The origins of the Prince Philip Movement and its reason to worship the British monarch

The Yaohnanen villagers of the southern island of Tanna in Vanuatu holding pictures of Prince Philip (left) and Prince Philip (right). Source: Images from Wikicommons spliced together by author.

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