The first time in history that a naval attack was performed only by planes

NNaval supremacy was vital for the course of the Second World War. Having naval supremacy meant having the upper hand over your enemy, and as such both, the Axis and the Allies tried their hardest to achieve an edge over the latter.

Although we now know that the Allies had…

The unregulated pharmaceutical industry of the early 20th century created some strange medicine

TThe late 20the century bought forward the fact that radioactive material is not something we should be casually playing with. This did not become apparent until the world experienced the disastrous effects of this material after the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Before this discovery, nuclear material was seen as…

A plan of attack overly ambitious for its time

TThe British Isles have historically been hard to invade. Very few nations have managed to successfully invade the island nation, even so, most of these successful invasion attempts happened before England became the naval superpower we commonly know. Napoleon was not phased by these factors and thus went ahead and…

A tale that proves the French were not as defenseless as we thought

TTank tactics were central to the Second World War. The German’s iconic Blitzkrieg could only be performed through the use of agile tanks and armored personnel carriers. This new tactic of using armor to pierce the enemy lines overturned everything generals learned in the First World War.

Due to this…

They say you should not turn up to work drunk for a reason

DDuring the late 20th century the fear of nuclear armageddon was at its height. The Cold War created a climate where many citizens on both sides feared that their leaders might make a mistake that would put the world into an unrecoverable state.

For this reason, the procedure to launch…

The history behind one of history’s strangest weapons

TThroughout history, humanity has designed and used ever more intricate and efficient weapons. Warfare has always led to innovation, but in some cases, this innovation has led to the creation of some very peculiar and questionable weapons.

In this article, we will look at perhaps the best example of this…

The Red Army could sometimes rival the brutality of the Wehrmacht

TThe Eastern Front of the Second World War is renowned for its shows of brutality. This brutality was no limited to the active personnel involved in the fighting and would often extend to the civil population of the lands the conflict was being fought in.

We know much of the…

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